Lantern Fest 2017

Most magical night ever. (And hi! Still alive over here!)


Polar Express, 2016

Some snapshots from our time at the Polar Express this weekend. It's so fun to look back at photos from the last time we rode on the Polar Express and see all that's changed. One extra baby, two older girls, and even more holiday magic felt! It made me so happy to see Ivy break out of her shell and let the Christmas joy take over. She couldn't refrain from dancing in the aisles and belting out along with the carols. Lola spent most the time sipping hot chocolate and peering out the freezing cold window. When Frances wasn't dancing up and down the aisles with two cookies in hand, she was holding tightly to us, wide-eyed and a little nervous waiting for Santa's debut. It was such a good night, and ended with a sleepy and quiet drive home. Ahh, Christmas time. The best time. 


14 month franny

This girl is officially 14 months old and is as cuddly, curious, and busy as they come. She's into everything and you really can't take your eyes off her for a second. (Which is hard when you're #3!) She cracks us up and is definitely the baby. The girls are so protective over her and are always making sure she's set. She's happiest on someone's hip or elbow deep in a garbage can/toilet/pack of markers. There's no in between with this one. I predict she'll be worn in her Ergo till she's 14 to avoid her burning down the house or something. Thanks for keeping us on our toes, Frances girl.


almost 6

Having a hard time with the fact that our Ivy girl will be SIX next month. Where on earth did the time go and how do I have such a big kid already? Can we go back to when she was 1 years old and weighed more than she does now? ;)


neighborhood stroll

Some photos from our walk to see the horses the other weekend. Our house is getting closer and closer to being finished, and part of me is already starting to miss my parents big backyard, their neighborhood animals, and of course, being so close to Grammy + Papa while we're here! The girls are going to be so mad at us when it's finally time to move out. ;) 


Horse riding lessons

The big girls took a horse riding class today and my cheeks still hurt from watching them. It might've been the cutest thing I've ever seen, and I was so proud of them for being so fearless! It's safe to say they absolutely loved it and are already for more. They've been begging for horses since.. I say we start with a dog first. ;)



48 hours in California

A few snaps from our pitstop in the middle of nowhere, California. (Or, if you want to get technical, about 15 minutes outside of Blythe.) Ivy's Jessie hat is my new favorite accessory to her alice + ames dress. :)